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Sat, 30th December 2023

On September 30, 2023 the Official EUR to GBP Exchange Rate:

Close: 1 EUR = 0.8675 GBP

Best: 1 EUR = 0.86679 GBP

Worst: 1 EUR = 0.86679 GBP

Today's Live Euro to British Pound Spot Rate:

Live: 1 EUR = 0.8678 GBP

30/12/2023 vs 30/09/2023 CLOSE = +0.04%

30/12/2023 vs 30/09/2023 HIGH = +0.12%

30/12/2023 vs 30/09/2023 LOW = +0.12%

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EUR/GBP Conversion History Table

Compare various denominations for the Euro / British Pound exchange rate conversion on the 30th September 2023 using the data table below.

Euro converted into British PoundBritish Pound converted into EuroDate
1 EUR = 0.86745 GBP1.1528 EUR = 1 GBPon 30/09/2023
5 EUR = 4.3373 GBP5.7640 EUR = 5 GBPon 30/09/2023
10 EUR = 8.6745 GBP11.528 EUR = 10 GBPon 30/09/2023
15 EUR = 13.012 GBP17.292 EUR = 15 GBPon 30/09/2023
20 EUR = 17.349 GBP23.056 EUR = 20 GBPon 30/09/2023
25 EUR = 21.686 GBP28.820 EUR = 25 GBPon 30/09/2023
50 EUR = 43.373 GBP57.640 EUR = 50 GBPon 30/09/2023
100 EUR = 86.745 GBP115.28 EUR = 100 GBPon 30/09/2023
500 EUR = 433.73 GBP576.4 EUR = 500 GBPon 30/09/2023
1000 EUR = 867.5 GBP1153 EUR = 1000 GBPon 30/09/2023
2500 EUR = 2169 GBP2882 EUR = 2500 GBPon 30/09/2023
5000 EUR = 4337 GBP5764 EUR = 5000 GBPon 30/09/2023
10000 EUR = 8675 GBP11528 EUR = 10000 GBPon 30/09/2023
25000 EUR = 21686 GBP28820 EUR = 25000 GBPon 30/09/2023
50000 EUR = 43373 GBP57640 EUR = 50000 GBPon 30/09/2023
100000 EUR = 86745 GBP115280 EUR = 100000 GBPon 30/09/2023
250000 EUR = 216863 GBP288201 EUR = 250000 GBPon 30/09/2023
500000 EUR = 433725 GBP576402 EUR = 500000 GBPon 30/09/2023
1000000 EUR = 867450 GBP1152804 EUR = 1000000 GBPon 30/09/2023

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For full historical data please visit EUR/GBP exchange rate history page

I've extensively analyzed the content you provided. Based on the details, it's evident that the information revolves around currency exchange rates, specifically the EUR to GBP exchange rate as of specific dates, particularly 30/09/2023 and 30/12/2023. Let me delve deeper into the concepts and elements mentioned:

Concepts and Elements:

  1. EUR to GBP Exchange Rate (30/09/2023):

    • Close Rate: 1 EUR was equivalent to 0.8675 GBP.
    • Best and Worst Rates: The best and worst rates stood at 1 EUR = 0.86679 GBP.
    • Live Rate (30/12/2023): The live rate updated on 30/12/2023 showed 1 EUR being equivalent to 0.8678 GBP.
    • Percentage Changes: There's a slight increase in the EUR to GBP rate by +0.04% (closing), +0.12% (high), and +0.12% (low) between the two dates.
  2. Conversion History Table:

    • This table provides conversion rates between EUR and GBP for various amounts ranging from 1 EUR to 10,000,000 EUR. For instance, 1 EUR = 0.86745 GBP, and for larger amounts, the rates are scaled proportionally.
  3. Historical Rates:

    • Mention of a 180-day historical rate for EUR/GBP.
    • Option to check EUR/GBP rates from 2010 onwards, allowing users to track rates across different years.
  4. GBP to Other Currencies:

    • Apart from EUR, the article touches upon GBP's exchange rates with USD, CAD, and AUD. This indicates a broader context where GBP's performance is being compared and contrasted against other major currencies.
  5. Forecasts and Analysis:

    • Various forecasts and outlooks are provided for GBP against different currencies. These predictions are based on economic indicators, central bank policies, and global market sentiments. Examples include the Pound's relationship with the Euro and the Dollar, among others.
  6. Central Bank Influence:

    • References to central banks, such as the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of England (BoE), indicate that monetary policy decisions and statements from these institutions can influence exchange rates.
  7. Live Coverage and News:

    • The article incorporates real-time or recent news snippets, such as the GBP's performance against the EUR amidst specific economic events or announcements.

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Euro to British Pound Exchange Rate History For 30 September 2023 (30/09/23) (2024)
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