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Mario and Luigi left the pizzeria to confront Bowser. They spotted him already giving DK a beating and he was about to finish the Kong off wiretap his nails.

“HEY!!!” Mario screamed at the hot-headed turtle monster.

The scream got Bowser’s attention, and also the attention from everyone else, including Peach, Toad and Daisy, who is still hiding in the alleyway. Everyone looked at the plumber brothers and they were confused as to why they were wearing yellow capes.

“Leave him alone!” Mario demanded.

“Yeah, Bowser!” Luigi agreed. “And we would like you to take your army and go back to the dark lands where you belong!”

Daisy watched Luigi perform his demands. She smiled lovingly at him. He is finally courageous enough to stand up for himself and for his brother and friends.

Bowser dropped DK and he took a few steps toward the brothers. He is very livid.

“You just don’t know when to quit!” He yelled at the brothers, specifically Mario.

“Yeah,” Mario agreed. “I’ve been told that before.”

Mario looked at Peach who is staring at him with a proud smile on her face. The two know that they have a connection now, and he can’t afford to let this turtle monster break it.

Peach suddenly looked to her left and she spotted Kamek using his magic to hold on to the Super Star. She had an idea.

“Mario!” Peach screamed and she broke free from her captors to kick a green shell at the star, knocking away from Kamek and Bowser. “GET THE STAR!!!”

The Super Star flew over the Mario brothers and it landed on the street about twenty yards from them. They stared at the star, and then they glanced back at Bowser.

“NO!!!” Bowser screamed in fury. “THAT’S MINE!!!”

Bowser started running toward the brothers, who squealed in terror and started running to the star. Fearing that they are going to beat him to the star, he decides to take matters into his own hands, and started breathing fire toward them.

While running, Mario accidentally tripped on some rock and he fell to the ground. He looked back, and he sees the flames coming toward him. He closed his eyes and braced himself for impact.

Moments later, nothing happened to him. He didn’t feel any burns or any other pain, so he opened his eyes and he saw that Luigi is protecting him from the flames with the help of a manhole cover.

Peach, DK, Toad and Daisy saw Luigi’s brave act, and they stared at him proudly. It turns out that Mario’s brother does have a spine in him after all and it proved to be quite helpful when needed.

“Lu!” Mario cried out his brother’s name.

“Ahh!” Luigi sighed, starting to feel the burns. He glanced at his brother. “Nothing can hurt us as long as we’re together!”

Mario stared at his brother in amazement. The fact that Lu used his own words just made him realize that he was a good mentor after all

The manhole is starting to melt, however, and Luigi noticed this. “Quick, Mario!” Luigi cried out in a panic. “Get the star! Save our friends, our home!”

Luigi suddenly spotted Mario extending his hand towards him. “Together!” Mario reminded.

Luigi knew what he meant, and he decided to take the risk, and he grabbed Mario’s extended hand. After that, the two brothers quickly ran to the star and tried to leap for it.

It looked really close as the flames consumed the brothers just barely got their fingers on it. After a few seconds of flaming, the fire reminded and all there is was smoke. There was no sign of the brothers.

“NOOO!!!” Peach cried in horror.

“LUIGIIII!!!” Daisy cried in horror.

“NOOO!!!” DK and Toad screamed in unison.

Bowser chuckled evilly as he walked toward the scene to pick up the star. His army cheered wildly at the death of the brothers.

Just when things were looking lost, however, something amazing happened. The smoke started running wildly and there were rainbow-colored flashes that followed.

The smoke finally cleared and it was revealed that the Mario brothers actually got the star and the two are now covered in rainbow colors. The power of the Super Star is now upon them.

Peach, Daisy and the others changed their teary-eyed faces to happy ones as they spotted the brothers. They are happy that the two are alive and well.

Bowser’s cheery face turned to one of shock as he spotted the brothers. His shocked face then turned livid and he tried to stomp them with his big foot.

Fortunately, for the brothers, the foot just stopped as it contacted them, but it is not scathing them. Bowser is now beyond shocked at what just transpired. He realized now that the star is now upon them, making them invincible now.

Realizing this too late, Bowser already felt two fists smashing him up into the air. He was launched over a hundred feet and he landed just close to where up his floating lair is.

As he recovered from his rough landing, Bowser turned to his subjects. “RIP THEM TO PIECES!!!”

The subjects obeyed their master and they charged to the Mario brothers. Despite knowing that they have a disadvantage because of the star’s effects the minions still chose to obey their king’s command.

Mario gave Luigi a silent signal and he charged toward a wave of minions while Luigi ran a different direction. Mario broke a Koopa’s hammer and he grabbed him and he threw him at the group of enemies holding his friends hostage.

DK saw what Mario was doing, and he grabbed Peach and Toad with his big arms. He, then, jumped up into the air as the thrown Koopa hit the group of enemies. Mario’s friends are now safe.

Luigi started battling a group of enemies who were picking on Foreman Spike. After he defeated the enemies, he turned to Spike.

“Oh, hey, Spike!” Luigi greeted, and then he used his super speed to rush back into battle.

Luigi, then head, for the alleyway, and he picked up Daisy and he led her to where Peach and the others are. Putting her down, he turned to Peach.

“Look after her,” Luigi said to Peach, and then, he and Mario started running toward the Koopa army.

Charging up their star power, the brothers instantly defeated the whole army, and they pressed on to where Bowser is. Peach, Daisy and the others watched the battle in amazement. In their minds, the brothers truly are super.

The brothers had to dodge Bullet Bills and defeat some winged Koopas to get closer to Bowser. Before they got close to Bowser, however, they noticed that their parents are watching them from the house window.

To their surprise, the brothers saw that the parents are really proud at what they are doing at the present moment. They smiled back at their parents.

Suddenly, the brothers got gobbled up by a Piranha Plant. This unfortunate event caused the parents to freak out. A moment later, the brothers suddenly zoomed out of the plant’s mouth, killing it in the process.

The parents are, now, really amazed at what they just saw. The brothers swore that they heard their father shout out “Mamma Mia!”

After that, Mario and Luigi finally confronted their turtle adversary, avoiding his attacks, and started beating him up senseless. After knocking him down to the ground, they grabbed his tail and they started swinging him around and then hurled him up into the air.

The brothers, then, used their power to hurl themselves into the air after Bowser, and as soon as they came face to face with him, they balled up their fists, concentrating their power, and they brought their fists down to the turtle’s head. The impact sent Bowser flying down to his lair, cracking it in the process.

The brothers weren’t quite done yet. Intending to finish this, they concentrated their power on both of their feet, they zoomed down to the monster, who tried to use his flames against them.

Fortunately, the flames didn’t affect the brothers one bit, and at long last, they landed on the turtle and buried him under the lair. Microseconds after the power leaking out of the brothers suddenly caused a big sonic boom that was hurled twenty yards.

Before the sonic boom hit the heroic group, they looked at the scene in shock and amazement. They, then, were forced to take cover from the sonic boom.

The boom ended with a lot of smoke filling up almost all of Brooklyn. It went on for a long few minutes.

When Luigi met Daisy - Chapter 6 - JacobLink2538 (2024)
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